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I am Sabrina Fraser, Soul Coach, writer and intuitive. My focus is on spiritual wellness and inspiration for happy living. I offer intuitive coaching to facilitate personal and spiritual transformation. I'm also a certified Reiki Master/Teacher - and boy, has it ever been a journey: read my story here.

My mission is simple: I help others awaken and expand into the most authentic expression of their soul.

Typically, you can find me buried in a good book and a matcha latte, meditating to binaural beats, travelling the world with my loved ones, or exploring new age phenomena and mystical arts (anything from mediumship to shamanism). I love creative expression in all its incredible forms, truth-seeking and courageous exploration of the self. But perhaps what I love most is witnessing true freedom in another person.  



Love + Light – that’s what I champion.

I am concerned only with matters of the heart, because really, everything in life is a choice between fear and love. I focus on soul connection because I believe the change we seek in our lives starts within. I also believe that each person, no matter their circumstance, has the capacity to heal and thrive.

As someone who struggled with the concept of “victimhood”, I used to think life happened to us, but learned that everything we experience truly happens for us. Collectively, our mission is to peel back the layers that are shielding us from love, transcend fear through forgiveness and acceptance, and reconnect to the divine light within ~ the SOUL. When we let go of our deep-seated beliefs, we are free to manifest the life we always wanted. & It all begins, and ends, with love.

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