How can I help?

My role is to meet you where you are in your journey by creating a safe space for healing and transformation. Let's explore what's holding you back from embracing your full potential. Tarot and Oracle Cards offer insight on many situations in life. It's a modality I turn to when I need guidance and clarity. Whether it's an energetic block, a self-limiting belief or an unknown influence in my life, the cards always reconnect me to the truth.

If that's not for you, how about this: write to me with something you need help with, and I'll turn my response into a blog (anonymous, of course). 



If you’re looking for immediate guidance in a particular area of your life, I offer online Tarot and Oracle Card readings focused on a question or concern of your choosing. Each reading will be delivered to your email with a full in-depth description for your benefit.

The options for readings are below. Each are three-card spreads. 

  • One question 
  • Love and relationship
  • Career and finance
  • Life path

Price: $40 

If you have something else in mind (different topic, more cards), I'd be happy to customize a personal reading that suits your needs.


Sometimes all we need is some good old-fashioned advice. Write to me with your predicament and I'll respond with some practical solutions in my advice column "Ask Sabrina" found on my blog page. Pay it forward! Your situation can help others who are facing similar things in their lives.