Conscious Community: Meet Elora Taylor, Psychic Medium and Channeller


Welcome to the first instalment of Conscious Community, a blog series highlighting other practicing mystics.

Community has played an important role in my spiritual journey. When you’re going through an awakening, it’s comforting to meet others who can relate to your experiences. Being surrounded by a community of supportive men and women has helped me learn, heal and grow. I feel blessed to be living through an era where so many are becoming conscious, awakened soul-seekers. It’s truly an amazing time to work in this space.

I feel it’s important to highlight others who are on this spiritual path because everyone’s experience is unique: psychic abilities vary from person to person, connecting to spirit can feel different, and our beliefs and upbringing make for great insight. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to a new blog series called Conscious Community.

I met Elora Taylor at a channelling workshop about a year ago. She was teaching the class with her late mother, a mentor and dear friend. I remember immediately liking Elora - she was quiet but witty, assertive yet humble. At that workshop, she gave a channelling demonstration and it was like nothing I’d ever seen before. I was utterly amazed! Elora connects to a group of higher dimensional beings who deliver quirky and insightful messages; it’s truly something special. Today, I have the pleasure of seeing Elora every week at our home circle where I benefit from her friendship and share in her psychic experiences.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Elora Taylor, I am a professional psychic medium and channeller and I write and sing country songs. I use my channeling to do email readings for people all over the world and I use my mediumship to write songs. I run a blog called The Psychic Life that deals with psychic development, channeled messages and meditations. 

How or what made you get you get started in your line of work/the spiritual path?

I grew up in a spiritual household. My grandmother read palms at a flea market and my mother was a professional psychic medium, so it was always around. There were always shelves randomly falling and doors opening on their own, and no one really thought much of it!  For me, I started actually developing my abilities when I was 18 when my mom and I were doing our ancestry and family tree. We would go through all the records looking for the right person and then we would feel an emotional response to one and sure enough it was the right record. We would also get all the stories from them as we did it, my mom would channel one ancestor and I would channel another and we would get the whole story as to what happened. We got really far on that family tree! Also, Sabrina The Teenage Witch was my all time favourite show growing up, so I think that had something to do with it too! 

How did you first realize you had psychic abilities? Was there a moment where everything clicked?

I honestly don’t really know, when I look back on it, it was like it was always there and I just smoothly transitioned into it. I remember seeing “ghosts” as a kid, I don’t remember being scared of them, I just thought it was weird that there was a lady in old-fashioned clothes running down the hall in the hotel we were staying at. 

What do you love most about your work?

What I love the most is helping people and that feeling you get when connecting to spirit. With the songwriting, I love the stories and emotions that come through and the different perspectives. With the readings, I love connecting to people and helping them with whatever they are going through to the best of my ability. I love the magic in it and the transformations in people. I love always pushing what you think is possible and challenging not just others’ belief systems but your own as well.

What is one thing that has helped you on the path to getting to where you are today?

One thing that helped me is my mother. She guided me and taught me much of what I know. She always encouraged me to be me and to think big. She had a way of making her clients feel comfortable when they came in nervous or scared and when they left they would be laughing and smiling. You could always hear her laughing throughout the house when she was giving a reading. 

Another thing that helped me was trusting in what I was getting and letting go of A LOT of fears! Fear tends to hold many intuitives back. Many intuitives have fear about the work they are doing, so addressing it and letting it go is so important!

What does spirituality mean to you?

To me, spirituality means being a conduit to help others. To me, it should always be useful, make sense and challenge. To me, it is like one step away from magic and the more you push those abilities, the more it actually turns into magic. 

What is the coolest spiritual experience you have had so far?

Where to start! I would have to say going to the seances. The seances are demonstrations of physical mediumship where everyone can hear, see and feel spirit. It is absolutely mind-blowing and life-changing! 

What advice would you give someone who aspires to do what you are doing?

Find like-minded people who you trust to practise and meditate as a group with. When you meditate with a group everyone improves much faster. I would suggest to learn all you can about it and all the different aspects of it. From energy healing, to angel guidance, to tarot cards, to mediumship, it all goes together. The more you learn about one the more everything improves. 

What’s one piece of advice you want to share about intuition and spiritual guidance?

The better you feel, the easier it is to communicate with spirit. When you are in a higher vibration, in other words, when you feel good, you are much closer vibrationally to spirit and therefore you can hear them better. When you are in a low vibration, when you do not feel good, it is harder to connect because vibrationally you are far away. So the more you work on feeling good on a regular basis, the easier of a time you will have to connect!

Where can we find you in person or online?

My website is, my blog is and I am on Facebook and instagram under angelsinyourinbox. 

Sabrina Fraser