Nice to meet you


I am Sabrina Fraser, writer and spiritual wellness advocate. I seek to help others overcome behaviours and patterns that are preventing them from stepping into their fullest potential.

My goal is to spread love and higher awareness.



Light and Love – that’s what I champion. I believe the universe is on our side, conspiring in our favour at any given moment.

I am concerned only with matters of the heart and love connecting with people who are passionate. Nothing impresses me more than to hear someone speak about something they love. People call me a great listener. I listen because I believe everyone has something special to offer.

Here’s what I don't believe in: coincidences.

I used to think life happened to me. I now realize we create our own luck and I thoroughly live by the idea that you attract what you project. Above all else, I care about being kind and honest. To whoever needs it, whenever they need it. I’m here to elevate humanity, to be bold, and to shine bright. With me, what you see is what you get. 

Since you’ve found your way here (not a coincidence), I hope your visit brings you what you’re looking for.


Love + Light,




I wasn’t always doing what I loved. I struggled for a long time before I decided to “go for it” and show the world who I really am. Like many, I worried about what others would think of me and feared failure. I felt unworthy of my dreams. So, I played it safe and silenced my true self for years fearing the opinions of others more than I valued my own. I learned you cannot silence your calling; it will come knocking until you answer the door. 

Eventually, after many years of struggling with the idea of happiness and fulfillment, I decided I needed to see what was behind that door. I wish I could say I was met with unicorns and rainbows, but my desire to explore the real me came at a cost, a need to face hard truths in order to progress. I realized that wanting to change is only the initial step of a lifelong journey. Most of us need to heal in order to access our potential. Like any relationship, the one I had with myself needed work. There, the journey back to my heart began. Along the way, I discovered the only way to truly grow is through forgiveness, acceptance and self love. 

I often wish I could go back to tell younger-me not to waste another minute, but I now know this was my path for the purpose of sharing my learnings with you.